Christian Liberty and Starbucks

Note: The following is a response to a question submitted in conjunction with a sermon I preached on 9/20/15 at SonRise Christian Church, Summerville, SC. 

Question: Paul said to not worry about buying meat that was previously used in Pagan rituals. As in consuming the meat didn’t mean that they were supporting or condoning the sin of idol worship. Could that principle be applied to a florist, Baker, etc, providing wedding services to a homosexual couple?

Answer: I think your right in one way . For example , I go to Starbucks. Starbucks openly advocates homosexuality. My buying Starbucks does not mean I support their view of homosexuality. It could be argued however that I may want to spend my money somewhere else ( a Christian coffee company for example) . Nevertheless, the point is I am free to eat and drink anything no matter the source. However, I need to use wise Christian discernment when doing so and not foolishly use my Liberty as a stumbling block to others . Furthermore, in the example you have given, I believe one must do what’s right in their conscience . If it is wrong for a person to sell goods to a homosexual couple then they shouldn’t do it ( see Romans 14-15) .

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